About aviva

aviva provides elegant, mobile energy solutions built to empower our customers. Combining functionality, convenience and design, we’re here to help you live your passion at home and outdoors. Our brand was founded to energize its customers – offering a means to power your creativity and passion from anywhere.

The word “aviva” means new energy, new power, new life, and that’s what we exist to provide. By offering safe, clean and sustainable energy solutions, we want to make sure that you feel good about how you’re getting your power and to give you the opportunity to share it with others.

Powering the tools and toys that fuel your passion.

In the modern day and age, power itself is a necessary appliance. Our favorite tools and toys require a power source, but finding a plug isn’t always convenient. That’s why we crafted our mobile energy storage solutions – to allow you to bring your power with you, wherever you want to be.

Get work done from the hammock in the backyard. Charge everyone’s devices on the same shelf. Stay connected in the midst of a power outage or a camping trip. Aviva’s portable power stations offer the flexibility and function to charge your creativity.

Live powerfully. Live passionately.

Our Mission

Aviva’s portable power stations offer you the digital freedom to be wherever you want to work and play. Whether you need to unplug or recharge, Aviva gives you the power to make that choice with ease.

Our Team

Based in Houston, Texas, VLC Distribution and GoodWorks Global co-created the aviva power station product line. Aviva power stations are manufactured to meet our standards of excellence. VLC is the direct importer and master distributor for aviva power under license from GoodWorks Global. We combined our many years of experience and relationships to develop a product line that provides our reseller partners and end customers a solution to power digital freedom.

VLC was established in 1991, and celebrates its 30th year in business in 2021. In 2020, we shipped 2-million items across the USA from our 70k square foot facility in Houston, Texas. We value our customers and continue to strive forward with teamwork.

Service unto others is at the heart of GoodWorks Global. We endeavor to develop a business that meets the felt needs of others and do so with passion, creativity and integrity.